Hide your drive from the desktop in OSX

Sometimes you simple need all your drives on your desktop, but the ones like ‘TimeMachine’ or ‘Lion Installer’ can also simple disappear. Use this script to hide them at every reboot, without having to unmount them. Adjust your volume name to reflect yours.

sudo echo "echo \"UUID=$(diskutil info /Volumes/Lion\ Installer/ | grep UUID | awk '{print $3}') none hfs rw,noauto\" >> /etc/fstab" | sudo bash

To see if it has worked:
sudo cat /etc/fstab

Results in:
UUID=F4F6562F-1C4D-361D-BBD4-91C12ED96B44 none hfs rw,noauto

If your /etc/fstab doesn’t show the UUIC, then you need to check the volume name and/or delimit spaces with an \.

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