Synology DS1511+ fan error: how to disable warning

My old Synology DS1511+ has a failed fan. It gave warnings in the form of beeps and in the logs, which it is supposed to do.

To be honest, I found someone who already had done what I wanted, so I just modified it slightly to work for DS1511+.

What we are going to do:

  1. Enable SSH and connect to our Synology box.
  2. Locate any files named “fan” something.
  3. Use the Editor VI to create a Shell Script to disable the “check_fan” function after each reboot.
    Info: basic VI commands and Vi commands on Synology wiki. We are only going to use the [ESC] key, and the command “:wq!” to exit and save from vi.

Steps to make this Work:

  1. First turn on SSH in Control Panel |Terminal

  2. Connect to your Synology box using a program like Putty where username is “root” and password is the same you use for “admin“.
  3. Locate the file we need to modify in order to disable the fan check.
    Note: if you cant find the file, navigate to sys dir first using cd /sys/

    find -name "*fan*"
    Results in:
  4. Create a Shell script by navigating to the location containing the scripts. Creating a new script file and modify the permissions for the file (do this with sudo):
    cd /usr/syno/etc.defaults/rc.sysv/
    echo 0 > /sys/module/pineview_synobios/parameters/check_fan
    :x [Enter]
    chmod +x
  5. That’s it. Reboot your NAS and now you don’t have to modify the file after each reboot.

3 thoughts on “Synology DS1511+ fan error: how to disable warning

  1. Found this page through googling, i did not have any luck with your method, a Synology forum moderator informed me that this procedure is not needed anymore. Task scheduler offers triggered tasks to run commands on boot-up and shutdown.

    Control Panel > Task Scheduler > Create > Triggered Task > user-defined script
    Task: Pick a name
    User: root
    Event: Boot-up
    Click the tab Task Settings
    Under Run Commander – User defined scripts type:
    echo 0 > /sys/module/YOURMODEL_synobios/parameters/check_fan
    example: echo 0 > /sys/module/ds414slim_synobios/parameters/check_fan
    click OK, then restart.

    note: there might be a small problem identifying the model name of your NAS unless you SSH into the NAS itself, as shown in the OP as his is called pineview but its also known as DS1511+, but mine is ds414slim and nothing else, so good luck finding yours, its more than likely DSXXX

    • Thank you both very much for this. I had similarly found the shell script method to not work on my DS416j with DSM 6. Sam, your scheduled task method worked perfectly.

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