CouchPotato and fix!

Crap, for some weeks I wasn’t able to get CouchPotato use for searching the NZB’s in the queue. Seems that CouchPotato can’t use the new beta version of and/or can communicate using the new api.

NOTE: this is a fix fot the ORIGINAL version of CouchPotato, not the new V2 / CouchPotatoServer.

To fix this, replace 3 files in your (Linux) CouchPotato installation folder; in this example I’m using my folder structure: in /opt/couchpotato/app/lib/provider/yarr/sources/ in /opt/couchpotato/app/lib/provider/yarr/ in /opt/couchpotato/app/lib/provider/

Now, fill in your beta access info (you can find that using the RSS page: into the Provider page of CouchPotato.
The ID and code are NOT the same as the ones you can find in the ‘classic’ pages!

For example: &i=4672&r=2d42343723487fea49a3aa4745b80ae810

Save and restart CouchPotato! All should be ok now!