3% discount code (Cloud based Bitcoin and Altcoin mining)

Genesis-Mining, a Scrypt cloud mining contracts company, has opened up their affiliate program for all users. This means that, like with other comparable Bitcoin-related services, you will earn more hashrate by referring people. But there’s more!

In order to refer people to Genesis-Mining, you have to request a special promotional code through their support system.

So what do these referral codes do for the people you bring over to Genesis-Mining? Well, people referred by you will receive a 3% discount on their order total, which is not bad either.

For the referrer, aka us, we get the equivalent of 3% of your purchased hashing power added to our account. For example, if you purchase the Diamond plan through our code, we get 1,5 Mhash/s of free hashing power added to our account, and you get 3% off your order price.

If you are planning to purchase a Genesis-Mining contract, and you really should, use the code “DEB1” , without quotation marks, to receive your 3% discount!

Genesis-Mining website :

Promotional code : DEB1 (3% discount)