Serial converters on Mac OS X ( USB to RS232 )

Hello All.
Being a network equipment kind of person, there is no way around the console and then. We all know the Prolific 2303 works fine, and now I know that most FTDI converters (on sale at for example the fnac stores) also have excellent drivers for Mac OS X.

So getting a good and cheap cable is not an issue, nor is getting a driver a challenge.

The other bit I’d like to share is the wonderful command line tool called ‘screen’. Now you can do lots of funky stuff with screen, however also use it for accessing your serial port.
It’s as simple as ‘screen /dev/tty.PL2303-XXX 9600‘ or ‘screen /dev/tty.usbserial-XXX 9600‘ et voilà.
To end a screen session the propper way, releasing your serial port again, is done by ‘Ctrl+A‘, followed by ‘:‘ and typing ‘exit‘ and hitting return.
There are plenty of guides out there if you think this is too basic. I just wanted to share that serial console on a mac is easy.